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Base64 Encode Decode

Base64 encoding is a popular method used to convert binary or text data into a safe and platform-independent format. It is commonly used to transmit and store data that may contain non-printable or special characters, as Base64 encoding only uses a limited set of printable characters.

Online tool offers a user-friendly interface to encode your data into Base64 or decode previously encoded Base64 strings back to their original form. With just a few clicks, you can convert data into Base64 format and vice versa.

Why Use Our Base64 Encode/Decode?

  • Data Security: Base64 encoding allows you to safely transmit binary data in a text format.
  • Text-Based Format: Base64 encoded data is represented using only ASCII characters, ensuring compatibility with various systems.
  • Web Compatibility: Base64 encoding is commonly used in web applications and APIs.

How to Use:

Base64 Encode: To encode data, simply paste the content you want to encode into the input area and click the "Encode" button. The tool will convert the data into its Base64 encoded representation.

Base64 Decode: To decode Base64 data, paste the encoded content into the input area and click the "Decode" button. The tool will convert the Base64 data back into its original binary format.

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