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URL Encode Decode

URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) often contain special characters, such as spaces, ampersands, and question marks, that have special meanings in the context of a URL. To include these characters within a URL without causing errors or data loss, they need to be encoded.

Online tool offers a simple solution for handling URL encoding and decoding. With a few clicks, you can encode special characters in your URLs to ensure they are safely represented in the browser or decode previously encoded URLs back to their original form for easy data manipulation and readability.

Why Use URL Encode/Decode?

  • Data Safety: URL encoding ensures that special characters in URLs are properly encoded, preventing data corruption and security vulnerabilities.
  • Web Compatibility: Encoded URLs are web-safe and compatible with various web browsers and servers.
  • Uniformity: URL decoding restores the original URL, making it human-readable and user-friendly.

How to Use:

URL Encode: To encode a URL, simply paste the URL into the input area and click the "Encode URL" button. The tool will encode the special characters into hexadecimal representations.

URL Decode: To decode a URL, paste the encoded URL into the input area and click the "Decode URL" button. The tool will decode the hexadecimal representations back into the original special characters.

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